Spider Veins

spider veins

Spider veins are thin, blue, purple or red veins that appear on the skin’s surface. Spider veins are often on the legs, chest or face, but they can appear anywhere on the body. While varicose veins are like ropes, spider veins are like threads.

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What are the risk factors for varicose veins?

  • Heredity (runs in the family)
  • Older Age
  • Female Gender
  • Pregnancy

Although spider veins are considered cosmetic, they frequently cause symptoms.


  • Aching or painful veins
  • Bleeding veins
  • Itchy veins

reticular veins

The body tends to continue producing spider veins despite successful vein treatment. For this reason, touch up treatment is usually necessary.

Veins slightly larger than spider veins are called reticular veins, also known
as feeding veins since they “feed spider veins blood.” These veins are
typically blue or green.

Spider and reticular veins are considered cosmetic and most insurance
carriers do not cover treatment.