We are located on 13 Mile west of Hoover Road and just east of Campbell Ave. Miller Vein proudly serves residents of Warren and the surrounding areas, including: Fraser, Roseville, Hazel Park, Center Line, Eastpointe, Detroit, Harper Woods, Grosse Pointe, and St. Clair Shores. 

Steven K. Wang M.D. leads the Miller Vein Warren team. Dr. Wang is an expert in venous and lymphatic medicine. Our Warren clinic is known throughout southern Macomb County for its welcoming atmosphere and their efficient approach to varicose vein treatment.  

11250 East 13 Mile Road, Warren, MI, USA


11250 East 13 Mile Road, Suite 1
Warren, MI 48093

At Warren We're Open:

Monday: 7am - 5:30pm
Tuesday: 7am - 5:30pm
Wednesday: 7am - 5:30pm
Thursday: 7am - 5:30pm
Friday: 7am - 5:30pm
Everyone really nice and friendly I have good treatment only dr don’t give more day off for my work I used my vacation time to take care my leg feeling better
Sadia Jaigirdar
00:49 18 Jan 24
When I arrived for my appointment, I was greeted by the friendly receptionist , that put me at total ease. Then Mary and her friend ley professional staff , guided me to a examination room to get forms filled, and set me up for an ultrasound.: After my ultra sound. I met Dr Wang, who was very professional , friendly, , thorough, and I knew, I met an honest qualified, specialist, that will help me get back to a healthy functional status , again.
Steve K
01:17 07 Dec 23
The staff was welcoming and knowledgable, efficient. Dr Wang spent a lot of time explaining and clarifying my options. All in all a good experience.
Priscilla Scherer
18:09 17 Nov 23
All went good at the appointment. All staff is very nice and helpful.Only one thing, we were not aware that follow ups are not attended by the doctor.
Marilena Chis
14:33 10 Nov 23
I feel that this was a good experience at a medical office. Everyone was friendly, professional, and accommodating. The only thing that was negative to me was being asked the same questions that I had completed online in their patient portal. I would go back here if I had other concerns.
Ruth Scoles
16:56 01 Nov 23
Mary and the ladies are the BEST!!!also Dr Wang ❤️They explain the process…..Make you feel relaxed also ….
Karen Shveida
20:46 18 Oct 23
The staff was welcoming and knowledgable, efficient. Dr Wang spent a lot of time explaining and clarifying my options. All in all a good experience.
Priscilla Scherer
15:03 12 Oct 23
Outstanding, very professional, making sure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. The follow up, after procedure, verbally and written instructions for home care. Would highly recommend Dr Wang and his assistant during the procedure.
Frederick Aufterhaar
14:56 14 Sep 23
What an experience and a lot of information that helped me understand varicose viens. The staff had great hospitality and I feel like they listened to me. Thank you!
Shantiq Hill
20:45 12 Sep 23
I felt completely informed about my visit and upcoming procedure. Thank you tho Dr Wang and all his staff. The best!
michael otto
14:24 31 Aug 23
My experience at Miller vein went very well, everyone at the office is very professional and pleasant. From the receptionist, nurses, ultra sound tech and Dr Wang explains the procedure that he is going to perform and makes you feel very comfortable. Great office.
09:45 27 Jul 23
I showed up for my ultrasound and dr visit on the wrong day and these amazing women squeezed me in so I didnt need to take another day off from work.
Robin DeHayes
13:37 25 Jul 23
The whole office was very inviting and super friendlyThe Dr was very kind and gentleAnd made sure when I left I understood everything that was going on
Rebecca Scott
14:56 12 Jul 23
I was very comfortable with the staff and doctor. The office space is very nice and clean. I am looking forward to my procedure.
Joann Flynn
18:08 12 Jun 23
The staff and Doctor at the Warren office were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. The Doctor walked me through every step of each procedure that was done.
Chelle Alexander
18:48 07 Jun 23
Wonderful experience here with Dr. Wang and his staff! So helpful, so caring! Very glad I chose to come here for my vein procedures. Highly recommend!
Meg M
21:18 07 Apr 23
My first visit was great. Dr Wang really takes his time explaining everything and I love that . Not like most doctors nowadays.
Sandra Vann
13:14 04 Apr 23
My first appointment and I cannot say nothing, absolutely nothing negative about place, staff and doctor W. I visited on Wednesday March 15th and there was no wait or “pressure “ from desk. Everyone was extremely polite and professional. Luckily my tests were negative but doctor still gives you option if you’re not feeling good or just don’t like the veins which are in my case “popping”-I don’t know medical term for it-to fix it -to look smooth( bilateral lower extremities, just above ankles). I would recommend this place to my own family and as well to whoever is thinking would or not make appointments. Thank you all again. N. Okanovic Nick
21:19 16 Mar 23
The entire staff was amazing during my consultation visit! Everyone was extremely friendly and very prompt, moving me from one area to the next with hardly any lag time. Dr. Wang was fantastic and outlined everything to me in great detail and was available to answer any questions I had. Great experience!
Brian Hayner
15:44 25 Jan 23
I was a new patient at Miller Vein & the staff was so nice. The receptionist Shannon was so pleasant and helpful scheduling my appointments. Dr. Wang is excellent, he explained everything. It was a great experience.
KM Thomas
22:03 16 Dec 22
The entire staff was amazing during my consultation visit! Everyone was extremely friendly and very prompt, moving me from one area to the next with hardly any lag time. Dr. Wang was fantastic and outlined everything to me in great detail and was available to answer any questions I had. Great experience!
Brian Hayner
14:32 15 Dec 22
From reception to untrasound tech to doctor to medical assistant... Everyone was extremely nice and professional. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you for a great visit. I think my favorite was the ultrasound tech 😄
Chertera Durham
19:07 29 Sep 22
The doctor (Dr.Steven Wang, M.D ) is so polite. Very caring. Alsothe staff very friendly, going to tell my friend if need a good doctor this place is it..
Debra Simon
15:19 02 Sep 22
I felt the entire experience was fine so far. It does take time for everything to be how it is supposed to be. Dr Wang and the entire staff were great. They certainly have my recommendation for anyone thinking of having this type of work done.
Carl Maslar
14:23 20 Jul 22
Wonderful experience. Staff was amazing and Dr. Wang was so patient and explained every option so I could make the best decision for my health and future. Definitely recommend them.
Ann Marie Hunter
16:42 08 Jul 22
Dr. Wang is an AMAZING specialist. Best results. Highly recommended!
George Matti
14:04 23 Jun 22
The entire staff was amazing during my consultation visit! Everyone was extremely friendly and very prompt, moving me from one area to the next with hardly any lag time. Dr. Wang was fantastic and outlined everything to me in great detail and was available to answer any questions I had. Great experience!
Brian Hayner
13:22 04 Jun 22
This was my first time at Miller Vein and it was a great experience..Everyone was kind and gave great customer service. They made sure I was comfortable the whole time.Dr Wang took the time to answer all my questions and didn’t pressure me to schedule any procedures until I was ready: You guys rock keep doing what you do. Thank you
Sarice Richardson
13:17 13 Apr 22
Dr. Wang was absolutely fantastic, along with ALL of the support staff. I highly him. Very personable. I’m so glad I chose to place my care with Miller Vein.
Jessica Klemmer
14:18 23 Feb 22
The office is clean and run very efficiently. Everyone I dealt with was professional and friendly. Mary did an excellent job treating my spider veins.
Kathleen Clark
18:01 16 Feb 22
Staffing very nice and informative. Dr. Wong was awesome give me all the information I asked for and beyond. Recommend 100%.
Tiffney Smith
14:08 10 Feb 22
I am very happy to be treated by Dr. Wang. My legs have been improved a lot. Dr. Wang, thank you so much.
Paul Lin
16:18 26 Dec 21
I am very happy to be treated by Dr. Wang. My legs have been improved a lot. Dr. Wang, thank you so much.
Paul Lin
20:20 23 Dec 21
Dr. Want is great!His treatment of my varicose veins has greatly increased my quality of life. I can wear dresses now without being self conscious of the unsightly veins. Happy
Cynthia Samuel
00:10 16 Dec 21
So thankful to Dr. Wang for his professional work and care! The care team was super helpful and loving! Highly recommend Miller Vein in Warren!
Sofia Koval
17:30 15 Dec 21
Miller Vein is a great place! Dr. Steven Wang really makes this process easier than you think! He is very good and experienced! No doubt I can trust him! The staff is amazing! They are very caring and with you every step of the way! Great job everyone at Miller Vein! Thank you so much!
Jacquelynn Lee
01:18 09 Dec 21
This was was my first visit to the Warren office of Miller Vein. I have seen Dr. Wang several times at the Troy office. Dr. Wang is a wonderful doctor and I feel very comfortable recommending him. He is respectful, kind, extremely competent and answers all your questions without making you feel that he hasn’t the time for you. I wish more doctors were like him.The staff was quite friendly, very nice and efficient.All in all, great experience.
Gail Richardson
17:25 06 Dec 21
I highly recommend Dr. Wang and his staff . They are very welcoming , professional and you can feel positive energy in the office!!! You will receive safe environment and great medical care. You are thoroughly informed of all steps in your care. Dr. Wang is concerned with the comfort and knowledge of his patients throughout the treatment process . I have couple different procedure in the Warren office and so far I am very happy !!!
Mina Sarkic
14:28 11 Nov 21
I highly recommend Miller Vein's Monroe office to anyone suffering from vein problems. Dr. Lulenski and the entire staff are extremely friendly and helpful.
Michael Smith
14:00 08 Apr 21
I am very happy with Miller Vein Clinic-Monroe office. The staff is not only well qualified but, I’ve never met a more friendly, caring group of people. The minute I walked in, I was greeted by name and with a smile. They truly care about their patients! I definitely recommend Miller Vein to anyone looking for help with vein issues. I appreciate the time they take to explain procedures/post procedure instructions in an understandable way! Thank you!
Linda Korowin
14:16 12 Nov 20
Monroe office -They’re phenomenal!! They answer all your questions, very knowledgeable & informative, compassionate, accommodating, friendly & know their jobs well. I could not have asked for a better experience... in fact this office is so great that I drive 2 HOURS ONE WAY because I am that confident & comfortable with the staff here, doctor included!!!I highly recommend the Monroe Office.
Lea Aguinaga
18:06 22 Oct 20
Everyone in the office is super friendly, likes what they do and answered all my questions professionally. No wait time either, very efficient in getting patients in at their scheduled time. Discussed compression socks, I have to say the ones I purchased are very comfortable and gave me extra pep in my walking. Highly recommend this facility!
Karen Tarter
16:12 01 Oct 20
Monroe Michigan office: The care team - Carol, Nichole, Ciara, Paula, Leslie, Alahna and Doctor Lulenski.They knew their jobs in all areas: what to have ready for there patient, people skills and information what are having done and smile. My surgery’ was a complete success with no pain. Thanks I was very nervous but you and your team made it very comfortable. Joanne Hills
Joanne Hills
19:40 09 Sep 20
I have been very pleased with every visit. The staff is wonderful!
Dee Dee Heck
14:25 04 Sep 20
My experience here was wonderful. Upon entering I was welcomed by Nichole who gave me my paperwork and told me to have a seat. Within a couple minutes Carol, my nurse, took me back to a room and got me ready for my ultrasound. A short time after that, Paula, my ultrasound tech, came in the room & explained the procedure then performed the ultrasound. After the ultrasound Dr. Lulenski came in with the results, went over them with me, & made sure to answer any questions I had before leaving the room. Everyone who I encountered was super friendly & made me feel welcomed. I will definitely return if I have any vein issues in the future!
Aimee LaBeau
21:37 22 Jul 20
perfect place to visit from my experience they are the most friendly office treat you like family the whole crew is amazing starting from DR. LAULINSKI to all the staff. Caring and always checking on you after each procedure . perfect ladies carol, paula ,marci, aliana,nichole, Leslie, Ciara thank you all and also Hannah answers and direct me perfectly
Nabil Chahine
18:15 21 Jul 20
I honestly can’t even begin to describe the amazingness and professionalism of this place. I absolutely love love the vibes, energy, and atmosphere! From the second I step in until I walk out I have a smile on my face. From the doctor to receptionists and the office manager. They are all phenomenal people. Not only for show but they are genuinely great humans. Thank you so much for welcoming me in. For making me feel comfortable before, during and after my procedure. I saw amazing results! Stay awesome!!!
noor alshara
22:57 06 Jul 20
Kind, professional, personable, and CLEAN. Everything was quick and efficient from beginning to end.
Kelly Wright
14:22 04 Jun 20
I would recommend Miller Vein in Monroe Mi without hesitation. The staff, Paula, Carol, Nichole, Ciara, Leslie, Alaina and Marci are wonderful and caring individuals. They work together for a very flawless experience. Great job Miller Vein and thank you!
Terry Gracely
18:31 19 Mar 20
I have had both legs done and it really helped.The office staff is very friendly and cheerful. They explained everything and really made me comfortable. Dr. Lulenski is awsome.
susan satkowski
19:08 13 Mar 20
Everyone I encountered at my visits to the Monroe office has been very nice and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered and I was informed on what to do and expect following my procedure. I would definitely recommend them.
Sharon Gobbel
13:24 13 Mar 20
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Also excellent hours of business for someone like me that works 6 am until 430 PM. The 2 procedures I had done were perfectly executed .
matthew wilt
14:41 05 Feb 20
The entire staff is friendly and helpful. They walk you through the whole process to set your mind at ease. I would recommend this office to everyone. I am so glad I made the decision to go here!!
Jess Saylors
23:58 24 Jan 20
Everyone was very kind and more than helpful when it came to questions I had. It's a great place with great people !
Autumn Raymond
14:39 23 Jan 20
Friendly, knowledgeable, effective and efficient. Super convenient. Great place. Thanks
patricia nadeau
01:00 25 Nov 19
Courteous, kind, and humorous staff make it an enjoyable experience; very thoughtful group addresses every concern with professionalism. And having a Doctor to address concerns with 24/7 after your procedure was a great comfort.
h nisley
15:55 24 Oct 19
So very quick and painless. Best decision I have ever made was to have both legs done. Love the schedular, staff and the Dr.
Shawn Backes
22:01 25 Sep 19
Great team of people. I would recommend anyone with vein problems to go see them.. Everyone in the office are friendly and the doc it great! What an awesome bunch of people! Very caring and love that you actually get a card from the doc handwritten and signed. I would go back again if i had any further problems with my legs. Amazing how your legs feel instantly. Thanks for taking care of me..
Linda Kulwicki
00:28 24 Jul 19
I went to Miller Vein for a free consultation after seeing how happy my daughter was after her procedure for varicose veins. The staff was Wonderful! and caring. Dr. Lulenski is so sweet and explain everything in terms I could understand.Thank you to everyone at Miller Vein.
Marie Lag
14:51 20 Jun 19
I have been going to the Monroe location for over a year for spider veins. The staff is AMAZING and they are so careful with the procedures. They make sure it is painless for me and get me in and out quickly for my appointments- no waiting time ever. Highly recommend
Angela Banks
16:37 01 May 19
All I can say is WOW! Dr. Lulenski and ALL the ladies here are fabulous!! I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable anyplace, especially a doctor's office.I am so excited I found Miller Vein and ALL the wonderful people here. Thank you so much for helping me to get my life of no pain and confidence back. No need to look anywhere else, this group does more then commendable work!!!!
Theresa Zimmerman
21:02 24 Feb 19
My total experience from my new patient visit to my procedure was very professional! Dr. Lu and his team are the best! I would recommend them to everyone!
Harvey Labadie
22:36 19 Feb 19