If you have a non-healing leg ulcer, Miller Vein can help. Since 70-90 percent of these wounds are due to poorly functioning veins, a major component of healing is to fix this underlying problem. The first step is to get evaluated for vein disease by our team of experts. If you are diagnosed with a vein problem, we will recommend treatment for you. Regardless of the results of your medical work up, we will make sure you get the care you need which extends beyond veins.

Wound Care Treatment Concept

The way we treat a venous ulcer is the same way we treat varicose veins.  It is helpful to imagine that your skin is dry wall, and an underlying leaking pipe is causing the dry wall to rot. The damaged dry wall will eventually crumble and maybe even develop an open hole.  Patching the dry wall may make the wall look okay… for a little while at least. But with time, the wall will get wet again and you will be left with another hole! So before patching the wall, it’s really important to fix the leaking pipe. An unhealthy vein is very much like a leaking pipe and thus, the treatment of this vein is the first step in healing a venous stasis ulcer.