To anyone considering accepting a job offer from Miller Vein,

I am an interventional radiologist who has worked in many hospital-based practices over a 25+ year career. Whenever I had contemplated changing jobs, I was told that “everyone thinks the grass is always greener but it never is” and frankly, I’ve always found that to be true – until I joined Miller Vein three years ago. At Miller Vein, finally, the grass really is greener!

Shortly after joining Miller Vein, friends and family started to notice positive changes in my personality. They said that my old easy-going happy self had returned after being absent for many years.

But this is easy to understand.

At Miller Vein, the stress of the hospital practice is gone. There are no hospital politics, no overbearing oppressive and frustrating hospital bureaucracy to fight with and no endless tedious paperwork. The practice is so well designed that all I do is talk to my patients and perform procedures.

My life outside medicine has returned. Since there is no work on holidays or weekends (and every other weekend is a four-day weekend!), I can spend relaxed time with family and friends again or pursue my interests. With no call, I sleep well, something I hadn’t done in years so I now have the energy to enjoy exercise and golf again.

My attitude towards my career has changed for the better. I am treating patients with their best interest in mind instead of being pressured by a number and profit driven hospital system. I am proud to belong to a practice that values ethics as a number one priority.

In the hospital practice, I was ignored. At Miller Vein, I finally feel valued and appreciated. My voice is heard and respected and I am, fairly,  and well compensated for my dedication and hard work.

Lastly, the Miller Vein management team has done an excellent job of assembling exceptional office staff. Teamwork attitude is prioritized as is a positive can-do approach to work. I truly enjoy the people I work with.

I honestly cannot say a negative thing about Miller Vein. I only wish I would have joined the practice sooner in my career!


Michael Bischoff, M.D.

Back in late 2013 I joined the Miller Vein team as the practice manager for the Troy office. I quickly learned that Miller Vein was different. Everyone was onboard to create world class customer service and patient care for every individual that came thru our doors.

One particular day I had a chance to do my part in upholding one of our core values, humble service. A phone call came in from a telecommunications relay service for a deaf patient who was lost on her way to our office for her new patient visit. The call was transferred to me. The operator explained to me that this deaf woman was extremely frustrated as she could not find us and her appointment time was quickly approaching. The operator and I came up with a plan. We asked the woman to find a safe place to pullover and let us know where she was. The operator soon relayed to me the name of the church parking lot she was located at. I googled the name of the church and determined where she was. I told the operator I was heading out and asked her to stay on the phone with the woman until I got there as she was less than three miles away. When I arrived the poor woman was so grateful and was moved to tears. We informed the relay operator we were good. I remember being dressed in my scrubs and pointed to the Miller Vein stitching so she knew it was us! The woman was able to read my lips and understand as I instructed her to follow me back to the Troy office. Once we got there she relaxed, enjoyed a nice cup of coffee from our Keurig machine and we chalked it up to another happy Miller Vein patient. 


Chris Schmidt, Physician Liason

Before I came to Miller Vein, I was so unhappy. I felt disconnected from my coworkers, I wasn’t excited about my work, and I felt like I had no real mission or purpose other than taking home a paycheck. Joining as a Patient Coordinator, I suddenly had a team that cared about me as an employee and as a person, and I knew that what I did every day was making a difference in our patients’ lives. Now as the Contact Center Manager, I get to work with an incredible group of people who are just as excited about helping people as I am, and I couldn’t ask for better working environment. A great workplace starts with great values, and Miller Vein lives theirs out loud!


Hannah Roth, Contact Center Manager

Miller Vein inspired me to be a better nurse. Miller Vein provides a unique set of vein care that was never mentioned while I was in nursing school, and I love the challenge of re-learning a new body system as well as gaining experience in a clinic setting. Before joining Miller Vein, I was lacking the opportunity to connect with my patients beyond the illness that led them to the hospital, and I often felt guilty for not having that time. Now I am given the chance to speak with all the patients we care for, learn about who they are, what they like to do, and their goals after treatment over a span of time. For example, speaking with a new patient is an opportunity to know their hobbies, upcoming events or vacations, or give them a chance to talk about their family. Seeing the instant joy on a patient’s face when I ask about how a vacation went or how their family is doing at future appointments is an amazing feeling. The increased time and connection I can make here at Miller Vein is something I highly value as a nurse! 


Jeanine Q, R.N.

I decided to apply to Miller Vein so that I could get more hands on clinical experience in order to prepare for a future career in medicine. I am so happy that I made the decision to accept a position as a Medical Technician because not only has it taught me so much about clinical care, but it has also given me a work family where everyone is kind and supportive.


Kendall, Med Tech

I had a very difficult time finding a good, positive work environment that felt like a team.  My prior experience was working with people who didn’t want to be there.  This made me not like my job; I just felt miserable.  Since joining Miller Vein, I feel like the staff really cares, they are very helpful and want to be here.  If I feel like I have a question and need help, there is always someone I can turn to and ask.  If you are looking for a strong, positive, stress-free work environment, I would highly recommend Miller Vein!!  You won’t be disappointed!   


Julianna Klatt , Med Tech

When I first started working at Miller Vein, I had no idea I was going to take such a journey. I had already been a Med Tech for veins elsewhere and didn’t realize just how different of a company this was than my previous job. It became clear pretty quickly that I was suddenly a part of something special. Since then, Miller Vein has given me so many experiences that have aided my career development and allowed me to feel like I was actually making a difference. Being in healthcare can be very difficult at times but working here makes it feel like it’s all worth it. We make an actual difference in patients’ lives on a daily basis, and I have Miller Vein to thank for that. It’s an extremely fulfilling realization knowing that a patient is better off simply because of the help that you’ve given them. Not only is Miller Vein an advocate for their patients but they also allow their employees to grow and thrive in different opportunities across the company. I began as a Med Tech, then was promoted to Clinical Office Manager, and then promoted to Human Resources. Miller Vein can help guide you down a path to a successful career all while helping people every day. 

Alyssa B., Director of Human Resources

I have been with Miller Vein for over two years now. As an RN, I have worked mainly in the hospital setting. It was a culture shock coming from such a large company to Miller Vein. I quickly learned that Miller Vein values their employees and is a place where I feel respected and appreciated. Teamwork is a common theme throughout the company and I genuinely respect and care for my co-workers. Above all, Miller Vein cares for their patients. Our team strives to give the best patient care and is successful in providing excellent patient outcomes. I am so happy to be at a company that I am proud of and can give my best every day.  


Laura Hill, R.N .

I was about to start applying to PA (physician associate) school and I realized that I lacked medical patient contact hours. Fortunately, I was able to apply for a Medical Assistant position at Miller Vein that not only gave me clinician experience but also non clinician experience as well. The physicians that I get to work with are very approachable and educated on their field of study and teach me along with their patients about their diagnosis. Once my classes began to resume, Miller Vein adapted my schedule to be contingent which works better for me when I am taking college level classes. Additionally, we are provided four-day weekends with each other which gives me time to finish my class work as well as enjoy my weekends. Miller Vein provides an oral patient care experience as patient care cannot be learned over text but can be taught through experience. This has helped me develop the skill to simply communicate effectively with patients and other colleges and boost my confidence while talking. Having the opportunity to work here at Miller Vein, not only has taught me how to take care of patients but has also further my career development as I pursue my job opportunities in the medical profession.  


Mathew Chacko

I was actively searching for a full-time RVT position for about two years.  I was only able to find contingent jobs and they weren’t even close to home.  I would apply for medical assistant positions, filing or administrative positions, positions in a dialysis office; anywhere I could gain some additional medical experience while searching for an RVT job.  It was getting frustrating until one day I stumbled upon a Miller Vein job posting on Indeed.  The position was an hour from home, but I was eager to get an interview!  I had three interviews and was offered the job!  I have been here 4 years and have really enjoyed my co-workers and patients alike.  We have so much fun at work!  Our docs are so easy to work with. Our 4-day work weeks keep life schedules flexible.  Management really cares and takes care of us.  During the pandemic, Dr. Miller reached out to every single one of us personally and assured us he was there if us or our families needed anything.  Great place to work!!  


Stacy Gatica, RVT

Working in the Medical profession has been a very different experience. It really wasn’t what I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be lots of friendly people, eager to work together, making it a fun environment. That is not what I got. I found it to be incredibly challenging, at best. I got so frustrated, I almost wanted to change my profession. Then I started looking for a new place to work and happened to know of Miller Vein from my previous job. I heard nothing but good things, so I took a chance and sent my resume in to the HR department. It was the best decision I ever made. I’ve never worked at a place where everyone is so nice and made you feel welcome. Everyone is extremely helpful and doesn’t mind going the extra mile to make sure you understand. The environment is very calm and easy, we even have fun while we’re here. The stress level is low and the pace is fast which keeps me busy, and I really like that. I’m glad I made the choice to work here! 


Bobbye Eubanks

Before joining the Miller Vein team I was working as a waitress and was in a very stressful environment, after joining Miller Vein that stress I felt before at my old job had just melted away. Here at Miller Vein everyone is so friendly and it is very easy to get along with everyone. I am so happy that I chose to join the Miller Vein team! Being that we follow our patients care for some time I really enjoy getting to know my patients, they aren’t just a number to us. When we remember key things about patients like their trips they were going on or family members their eyes just light up that we remembered those things. I had a patient who I asked him about his trip that he had told me about the last time he was in the office, which had been about 3 months prior, he said “Wow I’m surprised you remembered! You see so many patients to remember that.” He then continued to tell me about his trip and all the great things he did. Being able to connect with our patients on a personal level it something you don’t always find at a doctors office. 

Every year Miller Vein as a team participates in a program call Operation School Bell. We arrive at an elementary school and the kids get to pick out 1-2 shirts, a winter coat, book, toiletries and a duffle bag to take it all home. The look on some of these kids faces it just priceless. You can just see how much this means to some of the kids. This entire experience just show cases our core values in all aspects. 


Ciara Shabinaw