More than 80 million Americans suffer from vein disorders such as varicose and spider veins. An estimated 40 percent of women and 25 percent of men will experience symptoms such as pain, aching, swelling, heaviness, fatigue, and possibly night cramps or restless legs due to their veins.

Unfortunately, many people are misinformed and are told that varicose veins are cosmetic or that compression stockings are the only form of treatment. Vein disease sufferers are also commonly told that they need more treatment than is truly necessary.

The experts at Miller Vein believe successful treatment of vein disorders starts with proper diagnosis and a trusting relationship between provider and patient. We work diligently to educate our patients about the vein conditions that impact their daily life. Armed with this knowledge, our patients are empowered and able to make good healthcare decisions.

Are you suffering from a vein disorder? Learn more about these conditions and the safe, effective treatment options available…

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