The journey to vein health starts with finding out your personal vein health status

Our thorough new patient consultation and full medical exam takes roughly 1 ½ – 2 hours.

We start by getting your detailed history, asking important questions about how you’re feeling and moving on a daily and nightly basis – such as swelling, pain or other visible leg symptoms you have. We’ll take measurements and photos of your legs, and then get a “full picture” beneath the surface, of your vein health. We use a painless, color duplex ultrasound (vein mapping) to give us a clear visual of your vein health:

  • Venous anatomy and any blood clots
  • Vein valve function
  • Blood flow changes

After the ultrasound and physical exam are complete, we will understand your specific conditions and initial treatment options. Then we’ll review the results together and spend time with you to talk about the best treatment options for your specific vein health issues.

Contact your insurance company and supply them with the necessary documentation to pre-certify you for the recommended treatment.